How does the encryption system work?
Your privacy is protected from the time your data leaves your browser until it returns to you. This also includes the time it spends on the Cloud server. File uploads from your browser to our server are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption. We then encrypt your file to AES 256 using our own custom encryption algorithms. That encrypted file is then uploaded to your Cloud storage provider through an SSL connection.
Why should I trust you with my data?
We don't know your encryption key, and we don't want to know it. Your key is used only to encrypt and decrypt your files, and it is stored in memory for the duration of your session. That session is destroyed when you log out or after a few minutes of inactivity on the site. Every file uploaded to us is immediately deleted from our server after the encryption process is complete.
Can I change my encryption key once I create it?
Yes, you can have multiple keys; and, coming soon, you will be able to change the encryption on specific files.
Can I upload a file without encrypting it?
Yes. When you create a new folder or upload a file, you will see options to encrypt or not encrypt.
Can I view my unencrypted files that were already on the Cloud before I started using encryptIQ?
Yes. As long as your files were not encrypted using another encryption method, you can view those files through encryptIQ just like you were using your Cloud provider's native interface.
Is there a size limit on the files I upload?
Yes. The size limit we set is based on the size limit imposed by your Cloud storage provider. For example Dropbox has a size limit of 250 Mb, so we set our limit for Dropbox uploads at 100 Mb. This accounts for the increased file size of an encrypted file, plus a little extra padding just to be safe. After all, we wouldn't want your file to be rejected by your Cloud provider because of its size.
How can I change my password?
Through the Account Settings page, once you have logged in.
I can't remember my password, what is the process to get a new password?
Click the I seem to have misplaced my password link, and reset instructions will be sent to your registered email box.
Do I need to download an application or software plug-in to use your service?
No! encryptIQ is platform independent and works on any connected browser.
How do I contact customer service for technical support or billing issues?
support [at] imd-squared [dot] com: 48 hour response time (excluding weekends and holidays).
How much does an encryptIQ license cost?
Free for a basic license or 6.99 monthly / 72.00 annually for a premium license. Please check the products page for more details.
Can I transfer my account to someone else?
We don't recommend it.
Does your service work on any web browser, what do you recommend?
encryptIQ is platform independent and works on any connected browser. All features may not be available on all browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support the most features.
Do you have a mobile app available? If not, when would it be available?
Not at this time, however encryptIQ is platform independent and works on any connected browser.
Can I share an encrypted file with a colleague?
Yes. Click on the options edit icon for the file you want to share, and select the "Sharing" option.
Can I share an encrypted folder with a colleague?
That feature is coming soon.
Can I change my account login once I've created my account?
Yes, through the Account Settings page, once you have logged in.
When will IMD Squared software solutions be available for box, OneDrive, Google drive?
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