The Smart Solution for Cloud Encryption

encryptIQ is a browser-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering Cloud encryption for any connected device. You do not need to download a client, app, or software. This makes your data available anywhere on any connected web browser.
We provide you with access to your Cloud data through a secured website that is compatible with any web browser*. Our goal is to provide you a service that will keep your data private.
You manage your key.
You know your encryption key, we don't. Your data remains yours, and we help you keep it that way.
Traditional SSL only protects your data privacy in transport, not storage
encryptIQ complements SSL by maintaining the privacy of your data while it's stored
encryptIQ introduces chishare
chishare empowers you with secure file sharing without compromising the security or privacy of your encrypted Cloud data. You can exclusively choose what to share and with whom to share it under the protection of encryptIQ.


Basic service Monthly premium service Annual premium service
Monthly bandwidth 200 MB Unlimited Unlimited
chishare None** Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing Free 6.99 72.00
The encryptIQ premium license covers unlimited usage of the service for encrypting, decrypting, uploading and downloading your files, along with unlimited chishare usage. The prices shown are per user for the specified time frame for single user and small group licenses (up to 20 users)**. For larger group licensing, please contact us for more information.
*Some features not available on some browsers.
**Please check back for pricing updates as new features are added, chishare packages can be purchased à la carte.